A stand dedicated to innovative packaging solutions with a focus on the circular economy, environmentally-friendly design and tailored solutions. In addition to an intervention at the Italian Berry Day, ILIP will be presenting a new system to increase the shelf-life and reduce wastage of small fruits. 

RIMINI (04 August 2021) – From 7th to 9th September 2021, ILIP will be taking part in Macfrut, the international fruit and vegetable fair that is back in person in Rimini this year. With a space measuring 64 square metres in Hall B3, at Booth 115, ILIP will bring in visitors with its high-impact graphics that communicate the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The Closed Loop 100% r-PET project with which the company pursues a circular economy in packaging, recycling around 30,000 tonnes of post-consumption PET per year in a closed system and the EcoDesign Reduce project, with which the company undertakes to lessen the use of plastics, reducing packaging thickness and weight without impacting performance, will in fact be presented. Indeed, “Reduce” is one of the 3 Rs of ILIP in the approach taken to environmental responsibility, together with “Recycle” – as in the case of PET – and “Renewable resources” with the use of bioplastics as an alternative to fossil polymers.

But this is not all: the stand will unveil a selection of SPRINT products, the project dedicated to the development of new tailored packaging, created on the request of a customer and ready just six weeks after approval. It is innovative packaging, developed strategically to respond to specific market needs and that flaunts characteristics that differ from standard solutions such as design, practicality and conservation performance. The result of this innovation and research & development is EzySplit, the first hybrid fruit and vegetable punnet made up of a lighter tray made from up to 100% R-PET and an external cardboard structure that ensures greater resistance, also allowing for customising both inside and out.

During the three-day-fair in Rimini, ILIP will also stand out for its participation in the Italian Berry Day event, for which the company is Premium Sponsor, scheduled for 8th September at the Expo Center. On this occasion, Luigi Garavaglia – Quality Assurance and R&D Manager of the ILPA Group – will intervene with the announcement of an innovative ILIP solution to increase the shelf-life of small fruits and accordingly reduce food waste, making for another step forward with respect to the Life+ system conceived by ILIP.

Between 7th and 9th September, all ILIP’s fresh produce packaging will therefore be on display, with full information on the innovations being explored by ILIP for whole produce, fresh cut and ready to eat solutions in Hall B3 – Booth 115 at Rimini Expo Centre.