Developed for industrial tomato growers, it is designed for coating other propagation tray types. This product is the latest innovation in a complete range of professional solutions for vegetable and flower nurseries developed using recycled PET and characterised by the unique grey colour and performance that matches that of equivalent polystyrene products.

Valsamoggia (22nd February 2023) – After taking part in IPM, the reference international trade fair for horticulture held last January in Essen, Germany, ILIP Srl takes to MyPlant & Garden (Milan 22nd-24th February 2023) with its products for the horticultural sector, bracketed together under the HortiPack brand. The appointment unites operators of all green chains, from research to constructions, seeds to forestation, production to innovation, soft components to hard ones, right through to distribution.

ILIP will be bringing its whole range of propagation trays, carriers with trays, transport and cultivation pot holders and pots with diameters of 10 and 14 cm, suitable for manual or mechanised production processes, to pavilion 16P – stand F20 of the fair. All products are completely recyclable and made from PS and R-PET resulting from the post-consumption recycling of PET food packaging and R-PET milk bottles. The grey coloured secondary raw material used in its products is entirely traceable as it comes from a chain of recycling and extrusion of plastic that is controlled completely by the ILPA Group of which ILIP is a member, one of the few concrete cases in Europe of circular economy in the packaging industry.

New this year, ILIP will be launching its propagation tray made from R-PET only, to be combined with the XPS (extruded, expanded polystyrene) propagation trays. This reduces the use of plastic materials and accordingly the environmental impact of the product itself as the part in R-PET, after its cycle of use, is eliminated, whilst the XPS component (which, as it is below the other, has not been contaminated) can be reused for multiple years. This solution has been developed for industrial tomato growers and offers 260 or 280 holes with a volume, respectively, of 14 and 15.4 cc.

ILIP will also be using the fair to reveal its round pots, again in R-PET, measuring 10 and 14 cm in diameter, comparable with standard pots offered on the Italian market but from which they differ in terms of:

  • more drainage holes in the base;
  • more easily mechanically de-nesting;
  • the grey colour (not black), which not only optimises the appearance of the contents but also facilitates identification in the sorting centres during recycling.

The pot holders are also available in R-PET, for which the company guarantees the same carrying capacity as those in PS. Additionally, thanks to the elasticity of the material, the edge withstands breakages during loading and unloading, when it can be exposed to pressure by the pots. The series of pot holders includes several different models:

  • with small drainage holes for transport so that, during moving, the operator’s fingers do not lift the pot out from the container with the risk of falling;
  • with a single, large punching hole for soilless growing;
  • “Reserve” without holes, to prevent the water from leaking out of the plant holder in the store.

Finally, the Bologna-based company presents its complete range of carriers with trays. The line includes models to hold 6, 8 or 10, available in both PS and R-PET, in normal or window version. The trays are available in the standard colours of black or grey and, on request, also in other shades.

ILIP also gives its customers the chance to develop tailored models for specific production requirements.