ILIP & sustainable packaging

At ILIP, for over 50 years, we have developed thermoformed food packaging solutions made from plastic and compostable bioplastic that add value to customer products and improve the consumer experience.

We do so with all the passion that is typical of our land, Emilia Romagna, a “high level passion” that joins forces with innovation in a constant search for excellence.

To this we add the utmost respect for the environment.

Trade Shows and Events

With you always

You can’t reach us at the event? No problem, ILIP always shows its novelties in virtual stands!

ILIP for the environment & CSR

CSR policies (Corporate Social Responsibility) and
Business Sustainability Plan.

In addition to our policy on the environmental sustainability of our products based on 3R, Reducing the use of raw materials and food waste, Recycling of plastic packaging to be able to reuse raw materials in the perspective of the circular economy and renewable resources such as bioplastics, ILIP launches a new Corporate Sustainability Plan and CSR Policies.