About us

Ilip is a member of the ILPA Group, an European leader in the processing and transformation of plastic and bioplastic raw materials. We develop, and make available to retailers, food service and the fresh produce and food industry, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, in thermoformed plastic and bioplastic and renewable and compostable materials.

Business unit

We operate with three business units :

Foodservice Packaging

Plates, cups, cutlery, soup bowls, salad bowls and much more. Various lines of disposable tableware and packaging solutions for deli and convenience food made from plastic, bioplastic and renewable and compostable materials, for everyone and for every occasion, from entry level to premium and design products, from PET to compostable, from unbreakable to microwaveable solutions.

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Fresh Produce Packaging

Punnets, trays and fruit nest trays made from plastic and R-PET upt to 100%  specially designed to protect, enhance and preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetable, to meet any need, in any situation. A range of sustainable packaging solutions that ensure optimal protection for the food, prolong its shelf life, reduce food waste and have a lesser impact on the environment.

Fresh Food Packaging

Heat-sealable plastic trays available in various sizes, to preserve the freshness and improve the presentation of meat at the point of sale


Serving and preserving freshness is our passion.

We develop food packaging solutions in thermoformed plastic and bioplastic, that protect and add value to our customers’ products and improve the consumer experience.

We do it with the passion of our land, Emilia Romagna, which defines our relationships with partners, customers and suppliers. A business card that characterises the way we are and the way we work all around the world.

A “high level” passion that joins forces with innovation and professional competence in an ongoing search for excellence. We believe there is more to innovation than just developing quality products that are safe and easy to use: it also means devising eco-friendly solutions that minimise food waste, raw material consumption and adverse effects on the environment.

Taking care of food. Taking care of the future.

In Emilia Romagna, in Italy and in the world we want to be a paragon of excellence in food packaging.

Passion for packaging is in our history and our future. A fresh passion for over half a century that renews itself every year and drives our efforts to make innovative products, of ever higher quality, while continuosly reducing food waste and raw material consumption.

Taking good care of our customers and their products, our land and our community, is the best way to ensure a solid future to our company and the future generations of our great Ilip family.

Our values since 1962

PASSION: The key value that drives the company. A “high level” passion that joins forces with innovation in an ongoing search for excellence.

LAND: a traditional, family-run company that is deeply tied to the land and its people.This doesn’t indicate a small-town mentality, but it means exporting around the world the values and traditions of a land rich in excellence.

INNOVATION: to be at the forefront in promoting innovative solutions. To organise the company so as to stimulate the generation of new ideas.

EXCELLENCE: we settle for nothing but excellence. Nothing else will do. We concentrate our efforts on this goal.

RESPONSABILITY: to our people, our land, the world where we live.

COLLABORATION: in our sector nobody works alone. We listen to the expectations of the market and the professionals that are part of it. We communicate in a clear manner. Solutions are found together.

LOYALTY: to be transparent at all times, like our packaging.