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ILIP Passion for packaging

Ilip is a member of the ILPA Group, a European leader in processing and transforming plastic and bioplastic raw materials. We develop and make innovative and sustainable packaging solutions available to retailers, food services, and the fresh produce and food industry in thermoformed plastic and bioplastic and renewable and compostable materials.

The company


The ILPA Group is a European player in the production of thermoformed plastic and bioplastic food packaging, as well as in the market of semi-finished plastics for applications in the agro-food sector and in any other industrial sector.

In addition to ILIP, MP3 S.r.l. is also part of the group, one of the main European players in the fields of high quality plastic sheet and coil extrusions industries, and AMP Recycling S.r.l., specialized in the recovery of packaging from post-consumer PET and in the supply of flakes, Guaranteed, and certified R.PET granules and coils.

Today, the ILPA Group serves over 4,000 B2B customers in more than 58 countries worldwide.



Environmental Sustainability

In addition, responsibility and environmental awareness are at the heart of the policies and strategies of ILIP and the ILPA Group. In 2012, ILPA also acquired 100% control of AMP Recycling, a company with a long tradition in plastics processing. This allows the Group to integrate thermoforming and extrusion activities with a remarkable plastic recycling plant dedicated to the recovery of PET from separate collections, ensuring a more circular economy.