ILIP is One-Stop-Shop

We offer the widest MULTI-PRODUCT, MULTI-MATERIAL and MULTI-CHANNEL range able to satisfy all the needs of FOOD PACKAGING.

To retail chains, food service, fresh produce and food industry we propose a full and versatile range of packaging solutions and disposable tableware made from plastic and bioplastic.

Serving and preserving freshness is our passion, this is why in each Ilip product you will find all our expertise and our know-how.

Plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, deli boxes and much more.

Different lines of disposable tableware and packaging solutions for deli and convenience food made from plastic, bioplastic as well as from renewable and compostable materials for everyone and for every occasion, from entry level to premium and design products, from PET to compostable, from unbreakable to microwaveable solutions.

Punnets, trays and fruit nest trays made from plastic, R-PET and bioplastic designed to protect, enhance and preserve the freshness of all types of fruit and vegetable, to meet any requirement, in any situation.

A range of sustainable packaging solutions that give food the best possible protection , extend the shelf life and  reduce the impact on the environment and the food waste.

Two lines of trays for the packaging of fresh food:

SealMaster, heat-sealable trays suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.) available in recycled PET, compostable bio-plastic and PET/PE multilayer.

StretchMaster, trays specifically designed for packaging systems with automatic lines that use stretch film or flow pack available in recycled PET and compostable bio-plastic.