To large-scale retail chains, modern food service and produce and fruit specialists, we propose a full and versatile range of packaging solutions and single-use tableware made of plastic and compostable materials. Serving and preserving freshness is our passion, this is why in each Ilip product you will find all our expertise and our know-how.

Plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, small cups, soup bowls, salad bowls and much more.

10 lines of single-use tableware and packaging solutions for delicatessen, made from plastic and compostable materials, for everyone and for every occasion, from entry level to design products, from PET to compostable, from unbreakable to microwaveable.

Punnets, trays and fruit nest trays made of plastic and recycled plastic, designed to protect, enhance and preserve the freshness of all types of fruit and produce, to meet any requirement, in any situation.

A range of sustainable packaging solutions that protect food most effectively, making for a longer shelflife, a reduced impact on the environment and less food waste.

Heat-sealable plastic trays available in many different sizes, to preserve the freshness of meat and improve presentation at the point of sale.