ILIP has reached 50% of the completion of its new warehouse!

VALSAMOGGIA (BO, 12 March 2020) – We take the opportunity of this auspicious headline to send to all our partners, stakeholders and followers our message: “In full compliance with the Italian Prime Ministerial decree to combat the spread of Coronavirus, we guarantee our industrial activity!” #NOI CI SIAMO!

Nowadays, we are facing some challenges, like combating Coronavirus, the EU ban on S.U.P. items, the Plastic Tax… we need some positive news and prospective. For us of

‘ILIP, 2020 means the putting into operation of our NEW AUTOMATED WAREHOUSE.

With a capacity of 60.000 pallet places, we will be able to improve logistic operations. Its innovative oxygen reduction fire prevention system not only protects the goods inside but also the surrounding environment.

Being located next to the production site, ILIP will avoid the current transfers to and from the several external warehouses: 8.501 in 2019, equal to 283.380km and ca. 300.000Kg of CO2 emissions. In this way ILIP will improve its carbon footprint and


We really look forward to toasting the inauguration of our new warehouse by the end of this year, and, until then, we will foster our Passion for packaging by producing disposable tableware and food packaging to protect food and consumers.