A stand dedicated to packaging solutions that renovate the industry and focus on extensive sustainability with the commitment to the circular economy, eco-design and SPRINT tailored solutions. 

RIMINI (20 April 2022) – From 4th to 6th May 2022, ILIP will be taking part in Macfrut, the international fruit and vegetable fair to be held at the Rimini Expo Centre. With a space situated in Hall B3, Booth 115, ILIP will be dedicating its presence to communicating the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability through its products and production processes.

The Closed Loop 100% r-PET projects will be present, with which ILIP pursues a circular economy in packaging with the capacity to recycle an impressive total of 60,000 tonnes of post-consumption PET per year, in a closed system. These include the T2T R-PET® strategy, with the acronym standing for “tray to tray” in recycled PET, i.e. r-PET trays produced by recycling other r-PET or post-consumption PET trays. Another important pillar in ILIP’s commitment to a circular system comes in the form of the EcoDesign Reduce programme, whereby the company undertakes to lessen the use of plastics, reducing packaging thickness and weight without impacting performance. Some examples that will be featured at Macfrut include B40ECO, the 16g, heat-sealable punnet made from 92% r-PET, which has recently had its environmental product declaration (EPD) updated, and ezy:split, the first hybrid r-PET and cardboard punnet. The solution can reduce packaging weight by 40-45% in its “plastic” component, which facilitates the separation of the plastic from the cardboard to improve recycling and allows for extensive communication possibilities. The latest evolution of ezy:split regards the solution with the built-in cardboard handle with a view to assuring convenience for packagers and consumers. Finally, the company will be highlighting its active Life+ bioactive packaging, which has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties meaning it can extend the shelf life of fresh, packaged fruit by up to 48 hours more than equivalent, non-active packaging.

But this is not all: the stand will devote a significant portion of space to a selection of SPRINT products, created by the ILIP Department by the same name, which develops new tailored packaging, created on the customer’s request and ready just six weeks after approval. It is innovative packaging, developed strategically to respond to specific market needs and that flaunts design, practicality and storage performance characteristics that differ from standard solutions.

During the three days spent in Rimini, ILIP will also stand out for its ties with the International Cherry Symposium (the company is Gold Sponsor), which, on 4th and 5th May will see the conference address essential topics for cherry growing in the Expo Center. More specifically, the afternoon of 5th May will focus on product and process innovations introduced by research and the cherry chain industry, including packaging, and a group of experts will guide the participants in Macfrut 2022 through a series of dedicated visits to the stands of the main companies that have invested in the cherry chain.

Between 4th and 6th May, all ILIP’s fresh produce packaging will therefore be on display, with full information on the innovations being explored by ILIP for fresh produce, fresh-cut and ready to eat solutions in Hall B3 – Booth 115 at Rimini Expo Centre.