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A triumph of shapes and colours for the Mirò line

Publicado en: 9 septiembre 2011

ILIP’s new “premium” disposable tableware line is called Mirò. It’s a range of eight products (including plates, cups and stackable cutlery, all of which are available in 8 different colours, for a total of 64 items. They are characterized by an extremely modern and attractive design and are packed with maximum care to details.

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ILIP creates Sant’Orsola’s new packaging solution

Publicado en: 29 julio 2011

ILIP has designed a new punnet with lid for the bilberries, raspberries, blackberries and redcurrants produced by the Pergine Valsugana Cooperative. (Bologna, July 29th, 2011): ILIP is a major player in the field of thermoformed plastic packaging for the fruit & vegetable sector, and has now designed and manufactured a new line of plastic punnets […]

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ILIP gets the OK from the British Retail Consortium

Publicado en: 29 julio 2008

ILIP has been increasingly focusing on the quality of its products: the main division of ILPA srl, has recently achieved the BRC/IOP certification for its products, the rigorous British Retail Consortium standard specific for food packaging materials.

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Caterplate®: innovation in disposable

Publicado en: 3 junio 2008

The assortment of ILIP disposable tableware has now been enhanced with Caterplate®, the innovative, stylish and sophisticated plastic plate that’s equipped with detachable fork, knife and spoon. Produced by the Dutch company Caterbrands, the Caterplate® is distributed exclusively on the Italian market by ILIP and is available in three colours: black, orange and transparent.

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With Fast clip, the packaging can be closed with one hand

Publicado en: 2 febrero 2007

ILIP presents yet another innovation: it’s called “Fast Clip”, the new transparent PET clamshell punnet that’s ready to be launched on the market. The punnet with a new hinged lid closure system is designed for the fresh produce sector and allows the container to be closed using only one hand.

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