More than 100 different products for the ILIP Bio range, gathered together in a new catalogue intended to guide customers with data and information about biodegradable and compostable materials

VALSAMOGGIA (BO, XX November 2019) – Not just a vast assortment of disposable tableware in biodegradable and compostable materials but also a solid commitment to provide information to help guide customers and assist consumers in making knowledgeable choices about disposable tableware.

This is the proposal that ILIP, European leader in the processing of plastic raw materials, takes to Marca, scheduled for the Bologna Trade Fair on 15 and 16 January 2020 (Pavilion 36 – Stand C23).

At the private label show, ILIP will be displaying the entire ILIP BIO range, numbering a total of 108 different products, all of which are compostable or biodegradable thanks to the latest innovations: in addition to plates, cups, cutlery and food packaging created from bioplastics like PLA (polylactic acid that ILIP has been offering since 2002), the range is completed by PLA coupled cardboard cups, plates in pulp or cardboard, wooden cutlery and the new heat-sealable high performance plates suitable for high temperatures made from mater-bi.

But ILIP is not just efficient products suitable for all occasions: the constant dialogue and customer service are amongst the company’s key values. This is why the new ILIP Bio catalogue will be débuting at Marca, providing full information and data to offer a clear overview of disposable tableware available as an alternative to traditional plastic products: the materials and raw materials used, certificates and standards on compostability, the differences between biodegradable and compostable and correct product labelling.

“As manufacturers of disposable tableware, we are today called to offer a complete, versatile range that suits all demands for compostable and biodegradable products” – declares Giovanni Donini, Sales Manager for the ILIP Foodservice Business Unit – “yet we must also provide customers and consumers with complete information to help them make a knowledgeable choice in a field that still requires clarification”.

The ILIP Bio range offers the most advanced solutions in terms of quality and environmental sustainability, whilst guaranteeing the security of compliance with regulations on compostability and contact with food. All ILIP Bio products are certified DINCERTCO, Compostabile CiC and OK compost TÜV Austria. The range includes products in PLA, Mater-Bi, pulp, coupled and uncoupled cardboard and wood.